The use of CBD has been on the rise for the last several years, and skeptics are quickly starting to lose credibility in their drive to scoff at CBD and those who need it. CBD offers a variety of positive life improvements, such as pain and stress reduction, and is used in many industries all over the world, including healthcare, skincare, and beauty.

The market for CBD is growing, and while it’s important to talk to your doctor and use only CBD which has been tested by a third party and found to be safe, the access to this chemical will become increasingly widespread over the next several years. In honor of National Make a Difference Day, which is on October 24th, here are five CBD life improvements.

CBD Treats Skin Conditions and Acne

One of the best properties of CBD is its categorization as an anti-inflammatory. This means that inflammation is greatly reduced in those who regularly take CBD products, which in turn leads to better digestive health and healthier, younger looking skin. Those who suffer from acne are always on the lookout for organic, natural solutions for their skin, and CBD offers a great answer to this search. 

CBD is great for treating acne and several studies have verified CBD’s ability to not only reduce it, but prevent it for weeks or even months at a time. Two of the best products to treat acne and other skin conditions are CBD gummies or a CBD salve.

CBD Is Known for Treating Chronic Pain

Many people all over the country and globe suffer from chronic pain, be it because they partake in a stressful job or they’re aging, and their bones and muscles are starting to deteriorate. CBD is a great product for pain treatment, in part because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but also because it blocks pain receptors and relaxes the fibers of the muscles. In addition, it’s still easy and natural for regulating emotions, as CBD produces no feeling of euphoria, or a feeling of being “high” like medicinal marijuana does. One study has even suggested that CBD is great for treating any pain caused by inflammation.

Uses of CBD Tinctures

A growing trend in the industry is the use of CBD tinctures, which are a from of CBD extract. These are oil-based and possess only trace amounts of THC but provide a litany of positive health benefits for their users. For instance, many report a reduction in stress and anxiety when using the tinctures, and they can even be used to break many forms of addition. A recent study has also provided many more benefits for these tinctures, including eating disorders, excessive weight loss, or weight gain. The next few years look promising for tinctures, as researchers keep digging for positive health effects.

CBD Can Treat ADHD

ADHD is one of the most common cognitive problems for adults and adolescents today. The effects from this disorder usually last a lifetime, but CBD is being experimented with currently for its use in treating this disorder. Many children are not diagnosed with ADHD but may still have the disorder, which makes treatment later in life difficult. Even when they are properly diagnosed, treatment does not always line up with the most effective or efficient methods available today. Luckily, CBD has so far been found to effectively treat ADHD, and one of the most effective CBD products for quieting the mind and helping people focus and relax is this CBD oral spray.

Other Health Benefits

On top of the specific uses for CBD oil, many use the chemical and report an increase in their “general wellness.” Use of CBD in daily life is quickly gaining traction, especially in metropolitan cities populated with younger demographics. There are many kinds of CBD oil and CBD is actually most effective when mixed with other substances derived from hemp. Although you should do prior research before undertaking this mixing process, in order to understand the different effects and risks associated with this mixing, many report increased health outcomes after mixing CBD with another type of CBD oil.





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