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The Cannabidiol Effect: What the Research Shows on CBD and Alzheimer's Disease

The Cannabidiol Advantage

In the past few years CBD, or Cannabidiol as it is known by its full designation, has become well known for its list of advantages and benefits in overcoming the symptoms and indicators of a plethora of ailments, conditions, and diseases. A Cannabinoid, or chemical component of Cannabis, CBD is harvested from the hemp plant and possesses no psychoactive attributes. One of the most popular forms of using CBD is through CBD hemp oil, though a variety of Cannabidiol products are available including CBD hemp oil drops, CBD hemp oil supplements, CBD lotion and much more.

Among the list of known maladies that Cannabidiol is being shown to help alleviate, many are cognitive conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and various forms of depression and anxiety. In addition to these ailments, CBD research is profiling the use and effect of CBD on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia for which Cannabidiol has exhibited some profound benefits. Though nothing conclusive has been proven yet, emerging research that is showcasing Cannabidiol as an inhibitor of the symptoms and onset of both dementia and Alzheimer’s is currently being substantially presented in both medical journals and the mainstream media. 

CBD and Alzheimer’s Research

CBD’s function as an antioxidant is well known in the health and wellness community, however, studies highlighting the neuroprotective properties brought upon by this ability are only now beginning to receive the attention they deserve. As the results of these studies saturate mainstream science and medicine and are expounded upon, many researchers have begun pointing to CBD’s role as an antioxidant as a means of aiding those suffering from Alzheimer’s as well. Inflammation in the brain’s immune cells is the core cause of symptoms relating to Alzheimer’s. As a stress response to this inflammation, oxygen is released into the brain’s cells and important functions, like memory and cognition, are greatly impacted. 

This oxygen stress can be greatly reduced by CBD’s anti-oxidant capabilities and, along with the cannabinoid’s capacity to serve as an anti-inflammatory, may even reverse and prevent the development of Alzheimer’sA 2001 study also demonstrated CBD’s ability to promote the growth of brain cells which greatly aids in the reduction of memory loss and cognitive decline. In addition, during clinical trials on mice, CBD and other cannabinoid’s have been shown to remove Amyloid plaque in the brain, who’s build up and clumping are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Many also point to CBD’s ability to manage the symptoms of dementia such as anxiety and agitation

“It is definitely time to move the effort into the clinical arena. Both THC and CBD have been shown to interfere with the production of abnormal toxic matter in the brains of such patients.” -Dr. Ethan Russo

Dr. Ethan Russo, a neuroscientist based in Seattle and research and development director at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, has been doing a variety of research into just how CBD, and other cannabinoids, effect Alzheimer’s through identifying the factors that bring on the disease and focusing Cannabis based treatments on those components. Russo’s research has demonstrated what he calls the ‘Entourage Effect‘ which shows that Cannabis based treatments with a variety of cannabinoid components including CBD, THC and CBG  are much more effective in treating Alzheimer’s than a one cannabinoid solution such as an isolate. 

Curious About How CBD Can Help You?

Now that we’ve taken a look at just how CBD oil can help those suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s, if you or yours are interested in how Cannabidiol oil can help on an individual level, TerraVida is here to help. TerraVida offers a wide variety of products made from Cannabidiol oil. Contact TerraVida today or visit online to learn about all the ways CBD can amplify your life and keep your health and wellness in tip top shape!

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