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2oz | 60ml

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Product Description

Formulated to relieve extremely compromised skin, our unique CBD Before & After Radiation Cream. Infused with 40mg of pure Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil with naturally occurring essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, that work with the body’s own ECS to provide the results you are looking for. The addition of Collagen and Retinol have been shown to help support and maintain healthier skin by increasing skin’s thickness and elasticity which may help prepare skin if used as a pre-treatment. Use post-treatment to soothe and protect. LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES
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How to USE

Is CBD Legal
Massage into skin for soothing results both pre and post treatment or whenever skin needs additional relief.

Key Benefits

BEFORE - Maintains Healthy skin

AFTER - Supports Compromised Skin

Soothes and Cools


  1. Avatar

    Jamie Barker

    Works fantastic, use it nightly for sun abused cheeks. No burning, really makes a difference

  2. Avatar


    I did not think that in my case something would help. I use strictly according to the instructions, perfectly removes the inflammation on the damaged areas

  3. Avatar

    Avital Blauner

    It’s exactly what I ordered and expected. High quality, reasonably priced, shipped fast.

  4. Avatar

    Timothy S.

    I enjoy doing business with you and your products are wonderful.

  5. Avatar

    Sofia Henderson

    Bought on the advice of a friend. Frankly, did not think that there would be some kind of result. Unfortunately, I was wrong, my skin is almost not inflamed. I read in a blog that the CBD oil helps with cancer, I think to try…

  6. Avatar

    Megan W.

    I had a lot of damage to the skin: redness, irritation, that sort of things. But I’ve mostly recovered now. This radiation cream is really good for moisturizing the damaged skin!

  7. Avatar

    Gerald Robin

    skeptical, but after trying, a believer

  8. Avatar

    Roy Maldonado

    Radiation therapy is awful. There’s no way around that. If you’re in need, I recommend to buy this radiation cream on terraVida site! It’s really effective, potent, and strong. It will save you a lot of physical pain in the long run.

  9. Avatar

    Terrence S.

    I had to have some polyps removed from my side, and this CBD radiation cream is really keeping me going. It alleviates the physical pain, the sickness, and the irritation on the skin itself. TerraVida, you’re helping me through the toughest time of my life!

  10. Avatar

    June Lewis

    I was prepared for pain, But not like this. The skin is really starting to blister and crack in horrible ways. I’ve been applying this radiation cream for the past week, and it’s making a huge difference. TerraVida, thank you for such pain relief!

  11. Avatar

    Alice Copeland

    I hope you don’t need this, but if you’re looking for a good radiation relief cream, then this is a good one to get. TerraVida’s cream is really soothing and it calms me down. It doesn’t fully take the pain away, but it makes it more tolerable!

  12. Avatar

    Noel Roberson

    I ordered this CBD radiation cream for my grandma who has cancer and it’s been helping her to go through her radiation process much better. It helps lessen the pain! Thank you, TerraVida!

  13. Avatar

    Mayra Randall

    Helped with my dry feet and loved the scent! Great CBD product to add to my beauty regimen. I also used this when I went to the beach this summer and the salt water made my skin feel so dry.

  14. Avatar


    Hubby loves it. Not a cure-all or miracle worker, but it’s great for aches and soreness. Will continue to buy in TerraVida.

  15. Avatar


    I climb in and out of cars all day at work, all shapes and sizes and it takes a toll on my knees and back, I use this right after work and I feel much better shortly after. I love this salve!

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