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30 Units
5mg CBD per Serving


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Product Description

Our CBD Chew Treats For Pets is an easy, convenient, delicious and playful way to add CBD to your Pet’s diet. * LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES

Are Third Party


How to USE

Pets less than 15Ibs -1 treat, over 15Ibs -2 treats. No more than 2 servings per day.

Key Benefits

Helps ease anxiety & pain

Convenient and fun

Flavorful and Nutritious

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  1. Dolores S.

    Just wanted to say thank you for these CBD chew treats! They are really helping my lab, and her quality of life and health is directly equatable to my own 🙂

  2. Jenna Sharman

    My dog has really improved. He’s eating much better and has a little pep in his step.

  3. Jacobnewman

    My dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy so I have been looking on a good source of CBD treats for him. We tried from different sources but at last stopped at these ones! These so far have reduced his seizures. TerraVida, I’m your customer for life now

  4. Ginna Gorelick

    I’ve tried a few companies for CBD. This one is the best and the best price.

  5. Lincolncont420

    I ordered cdb chew treats in TerraVida several days ago. The Product was as advertised. Shipping was fast. I’ll try and update after I use product… thank you!

  6. Leila

    I have an 11 year old goldendoodle and he had severe back pain. We had been trying to manage the pain with narcotic pain medication. But thanks God and TerraVida, we have these chew treats now. My dog is happy and thriving thanks to this product.

  7. Tyler

    My Pitbull is feeling much better and I can tell by his renewed energy!

  8. JG

    My dog loves CBD chew treats! They helped immensely with the pain and recovery process from ear cropping. He was calm and wasn’t crying but instead chilled and even napped more! lol We are so thrilled and happy that they alleviated some pain. We will definitely be repurchasing in TerraVida

  9. Carter B.

    Ive been using the CBD on my old cat for over a month now and can see real evidence of it working for her. She moves much more easily and seems more comfortable.

  10. Daniel R.

    CBD chew treats have improved my dogs mobility so much i am very pleased with TerraVida products!

  11. Tony

    I’ve been giving these chew treats to my 59 lb rottweiler who is 9 years old this year. Her mobility and energy levels have been down. She is more mobile now than she was even a couple years ago. Hoping it keeps up like this. And I will definitely buy it again in TerraVida!

  12. Darren G.

    Laika, my dog, is quite a picky eater, so I was pleasantly surprised when he loved the flavor of TerraVida CBD chew treats. Definitely will buy some more!!

  13. jack.vasquez@gmail.com

    Great product-my 15 yr. old shitzu has some zip in her step!

  14. Harriet S.

    My old dog has lately become very anxious. So we decided to start giving her these CBD chew treats. It’s safe to say that we no longer worry about leaving her alone for short periods of time and her attitude has calmed down completely.

  15. Victor Bishop

    My dogs are doing so much better! Highest quality I’ve found! Thank you for the honest and informative site!

  16. Mason

    My dog loves these!!! All I have to do is shake the packet of TerraVida chew treats and he comes running – a great tool for luring him somewhere he may not want to go

  17. Brandon

    This is a cool thing for my dog. Tim now is more quiet, does not do crazy stuff, like before. Maybe because of anxiety, that he had. It seems these chewy treats help to make him more relaxed. And Tim really likes these treats! So I like too!

  18. Owen

    When we get ready to leave, the little guy will start to pout and whimper. But once we give him the chewy treats, he’s like “Are you still here?”

  19. Z. Dallas

    my four-legged grandson absolutely loves these treats. I offer him these chewy little treats when I’m teaching him to behave and he seems to obey when he sees these in my hands. TerraVida, you’re thinking of your four-legged customers!

  20. PunterJake

    I decided to give these chewy treats a try, and my Corgi became an instant fan. Now I use them as rewards when I try to get her to learn some new tricks.

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