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(12 customer reviews)
33MG / Serving
1FL OZ (30ml)

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Product Description

Harness the power of CBD hemp oil’s potential healing properties with absolutely ZERO THC. For those who prefer to ingest NO THC what-so-ever you can now enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of pure CBD oil with ZERO THC! Our flavorless, odorless higher strength CBD Drops are formulated with 99% pure CBD isolate and ideal for adding to food or beverages thanks to its no taste profile. Perfect for providing relief from those stubborn, chronic issues. Ingredients: Pure CBD, Fractionated Coconut Oil.
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CBD DROPS ZERO THC 1000MG Lab Results:

How to USE

Shake well. Take 1 serving (1ml) under the tongue 1-2 times per day. Adjust dosage if necessary. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Can be added to food, beverages or placed directly under tongue.

Key Benefits

High Potency Hemp-Derived CBD with ZERO THC

Precise Measuring

All the Benefits with NONE OF THE HIGH

12 reviews for CBD DROPS ZERO THC 1000MG

  1. Avatar

    rachel brandley

    Effective, high quality CBD tincture at an affordable price!

  2. Avatar

    amelia dixon

    Best quality Tincture I have had.

  3. Avatar

    Aubrey Reynolds

    I’m trying CBD Oil for several reasons. I love your product. Pure, with nothing added. Customer for life.

  4. Avatar

    Lucas Murphy

    I have tried at least 3 other brands of CBD oil. TerraVida has been the absolute best for me. It helps with my pain from arthritic joints spine issues and fibromyalgia. It also helps with anxiety.

  5. Avatar

    Bruce Robertson

    I use this oil every day…am very happy with the results….taste is not too bad. Tried other oils that are really bad taste wise.

  6. Avatar

    Carol Sack

    I have only had these for 2 weeks now, and yet already I take 1 drop a day and feel that it is helping, also my husband I feel is not in as much pain with his knees as he was. I am ordering more in TerraVida shop today to make sure we do not run out of it.

  7. Avatar


    I love how silky smooth the entire collection make my hair feel and smell. I don’t know the science behind it all, but CBD really works for my hair. TettaVida proves it all the time!

  8. Avatar

    Lydia H.

    These drops zero THC 1000mg is a good product; it works as advertised. I will buy it again

  9. Avatar

    Teri H.

    Together with anti-stress oral spray these drops 1000mg work amazing!!! TerraVida, you are the best doctor for me!

  10. Avatar

    Julie N.

    These CBD drops 1000mg are great for my hip pain. The product was shipped quickly without problems! All I can say to TerraVida is just “thank you”!

  11. Avatar


    I am a first time user of TerraVida CBD products and will be a continual user of only this oil. These CBD drops 1000mg are pure and made me forget about my headaches. Am very happy with this product!

  12. Avatar

    Jennifer H.

    I have been taking these 1000 mg drops for a few months. I sleep better, my joints feel better and I’m more relaxed all the time.

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CBD Oil Drops for Sale Online  CBD oil tinctures remain one of the most frequently relied upon supplements chosen by those who wish to use CBD for relief of many ailments. Cannabidiol oil, when placed into tincture form, can be used in a plethora of ways. Plus, the tincture contains extremely little THC, won’t change anyone’s mental state, and is entirely safe for use in the vast majority of cases.   CBD oil also is legal to use in all 50 states, so you can try this natural treatment without any legal worries!   What is a Tincture?   CBD oil tinctures are created by combining the active ingredient, CBD, with a certain percentage of carrier oil or alcohol. CBD oil tincture can be made via extraction using alcohol or carrier oil combined with the cannabis plant’s stems, stalks and flowers. To create the tincture, CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and/or extracted hemp oil to form a liquid.   The resulting tincture can be used in many ways, such as to help relieve pain, soothe anxiety and beautify the skin — just to name a few of the most popular uses of cannabidiol tincture today. Since many individuals make it a point not to use alcohol in any form, our CBD oil is mixed with fractionated coconut oil, making our product alcohol-free.   CBD oil tinctures can be made in such a way that they contain a specific ratio of plant product to carrier oil, so you get a product that is high quality as well as a consistent blend of CBD oil and carrier oil. Once the cannabis and oil have blended sufficiently, the newly created CBD oil is strained and placed into a bottle with a dropper for easy use.   To use our CBD oil tinctures, simply place the solution under the tongue for fast results. You can also add it to foods as an easy way to experience its healthful benefits. Or a CBD oil user may apply the oil directly to the skin to make it smoother and provide site-specific relief.   How is CBD Oil Made?   Our top grade CBD oil is created by extracting the oil from the mature stems stalks and flowers of industrial hemp plants. Our plants remain pesticide-free and contain no GMOs. The base carrier oil for this hemp oil is fractionated coconut oil, which provides medical benefits by itself.   Adding CBD Oil to a Daily Routine   To experience the benefits of CBD oil, you can place the desired amount of oil under the tongue for fast absorption — which may vary from person to person, but generally takes about 20-40 minutes. Our essential oil containers have a lid with a dropper to make administering the oil easy. For those who prefer CBD capsules or softgels, we also offer CBD products in those forms.   Another option is to add your dose of CBD oil to a beverage to make it more palatable. Some users add the oil to their salads in addition to their favorite dressing!   You might choose to take the essential oil on an empty stomach, which gets the resulting benefits into the system faster. Others prefer to take CBD oil with food for a more therapeutic effect that lasts longer. The oil is excellent used as an additive to pasta and peanut butter spreads, too. For more ideas about cooking with CBD oil, check out this article.  The dosage amount and the way you administer your daily dose of CBD oil are highly individual and depend on your needs and preferences. Order online today and try some of our CBD tinctures for yourself!    
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