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CBD Uses: What Are The Common Uses Of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become hugely popular within the last decade as a supplement for wellness, and for good reason– its applications are numerous. CBD’s commercial availability has recently skyrocketed, even allowing consumers to buy CBD online and at their favorite local drugstores. From CBD-infused skin care products, anti-aging creams, and face and beauty products to body creams, tinctures, and oils, there are hundreds of products available for purchase.

From the first FDA-approved CBD-based seizure medication, Epidiolex, to the vast amount of over-the-counter products available online and in stores, CBD seems to be putting its best foot forward as the newest way to experience wellness and relief. In fact, a 2018 study reveals that 62% of CBD users interviewed were treating some form of illness with CBD, and more than half of the same users reported successful results. 

There are a few specific and relatively common issues that people are choosing to use hemp CBD oil for:

Pain Relief

The number one reason people are choosing cannabidiol products is for non-narcotic pain relief. Arthritis, muscle pain, and even general aches and pains are all affected by the use of CBD hemp oil, without the potential for harmful side effects. CBD oil products, unlike opiates, don’t create the risk of addiction and overdose.

From CBD body butter to softgel capsules, there are numerous ways to reduce localized and general pain with these products. Most users report that the fastest, most effective way to seek relief from arthritis and joint pain was to ingest CBD as a sublingually or beneath the tongue, but others find that topical products work for them.


People are using cannabidiol products for panic attacks, anxiety disorders and PTSD. Users with anxiety reported feeling their tension “melt away” when using hemp CBD products, and felt a noticeable difference in their mental health, no matter how minor. For general anxiety, retailers offer anything from CBD-infused candies to drinks and edibles as options for those who aren’t interested in a purely clinical approach. These general wellness supplements are gaining popularity with those seeking relief from everyday stress, and pre-clinical reports suggest that ingesting even a small amount of CBD daily can improve your overall mood.


In a study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, 17.3 million adult Americans have suffered from a depressive episode in their lifetime. CBD oil has been investigated as a way to relieve the symptoms of depression, since it has been proven to provide quick and long-lasting results in clinical studies using animals

Anecdotal evidence indicates that using CBD oil products can improve the self-perceived feeling of mental wellness in those suffering from depression. Additionally, while CBD may not directly affect depression levels, its use can ease many associated symptoms, like sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and mood swings. CBD isn’t considered a cure for any known illness, but its multiple uses make it promising as a long-term solution for more serious ailments.


Cannabidiol products are often used for relieving insomnia and other disorders that affect sleep. An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues, ranging in severity and frequency. CBD works with the cannabinoid system that already exists within our bodies, a system that is responsible for many functions, including appetite, mood, and sleep. Because the effects of CBD products differ from person to person, some experimentation to find the perfect balance might be necessary.

While small doses of CBD hemp oil can promote focus and mental acuity, large amounts can have the opposite effect. Figuring out the appropriate dosage, whether ingested as a supplement or inhaled using a vaporizer, is important for getting the right results. A combination of methods might work best for some users, depending on their own biology and symptoms.

Be Good To Yourself

Here at TerraVida Online , we are thoroughly committed to providing our customers with the information and CBD products they need to live their best lives. We are dedicated to nourishing the well-being of all people and providing authentic, wholesome CBD hemp oil products for the greater good of all.

Our high-quality CBD oil products are Third-Party Lab tested and produced in a clean, safe environment that exceeds the highest standards in the industry. 

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